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Has anyone had any success applying your own CSS style to GWT's NotificationMole.

If I add my own stylename then that style only applies to the outer DIV which is NOT removed when the mole is hidden, and I can't fing a way to apply style to the inner divs...

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Well your NotificationMole has an associated ui.xml file, so any custom styles you want to apply should be applied there.

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I've looked at it, and it only declares "in-line" styles in the UiBinder file. I'm not great on CSS but I don't think I can set styles according to those names. If you inspect a NM element there are styles defined for each of the "in-line" styles, with wierd names that look like they are generated by the GWT compiler. Using those I can style it, but I suspect that will break at next GWT release when the names change. –  Andrew Mackenzie Nov 9 '11 at 18:33

This might be easy: define your own style first, after init of the NotificationMole, just replace its built-in class with your defined ones, that's what i did in my project. Using DOM to replace classes or using gwtquery, both are OK.

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A dirty solution :

package com.google.gwt.user.client.ui; // important for package visibility access

import com.google.gwt.dom.client.DivElement;
import com.google.gwt.dom.client.SpanElement;

public class NotificationMoleHelper {

    protected NotificationMole notificationMole;

    public NotificationMoleHelper(NotificationMole notificationMole) {
        this.notificationMole = notificationMole;

    public SpanElement getNotificationText() {
        return notificationMole.notificationText;

    public DivElement getHeightMeasure() {
        return notificationMole.heightMeasure;

public DivElement getBorderElement() {
    return notificationMole.borderElement;

     * Change heightMeasure's background color
     * @param backgroundColor
    public void setBackgroundColor(String backgroundColor) {


Example :

final NotificationMoleHelper notificationMoleHelper = new NotificationMoleHelper(notificationMole);
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