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I am looking for a function to calculate exponential moving sum in numpy or scipy. I want to avoid using python loops because they are really slow.

to be specific, I have two series A[] and T[]. T[i] is the timestamp of value A[i]. I define a half-decay period tau. For a given time t, the exponential moving sum is the sum of all the values A[i] that happens before t, with weight exp(-(t-T[i])/tau) for each A[i].

Thanks a lot!

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Take a look at – Tarantula Nov 8 '11 at 15:35
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Take a look at numpy.convolve. The exponential moving sum is a convolution.

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You can try to improve python loops by doing good "practices" (like avoiding dots).

Maybe you can code you function in C (into a "numpy library") and call it from python.

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