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Hi I had a script that has a script/runner command (cmd=script/runner -e development "Class.method") and this is passed to system(cmd). The class is written in a newly created folder and I am able to run it when I test it by just running the cmd from RAILS_ROOT.

I got 5 similar kind of cmd's and everything is working fine when I test them from RAILS_ROOT. I kept all these 5 in a script file and ran the script file (script/runner -e development "path to script file") and 3 of them triggered and ran fine. But the other two then didn't trigger when the system(cmd) is called.

Do I need to specify the path to the class?

Can some one please let me know what exactly is happening.

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Can you add an example of what you're calling that works and what you're calling that doesn't work? It's not clear in your question. –  tadman Nov 8 '11 at 16:08
cmd=script/runner -e development "Class.method" is the one that is called and working fine. I got 5 other cmd's grouped together in a script file. This script file works by calling it in the same way with script/runner -e development path/to/ScriptFile.run. When I run this script file, couple of cmd's are working fine but others are failing. –  kill007 Nov 8 '11 at 16:12
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