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I want to fetch some user information from LDAP Active directory by using Id. here is the code I'm trying to connect and fetch it.

SearchControls ctls = new SearchControls();
NamingEnumeration results ="DC=erieinsurance,DC=com", "(&(objectCategory=user)(name{0}))", 
                    new Object[]{Id}, // filter arguments
                ctls); // search controls
if (results.hasMoreElements()) {


it is returning no correspnding values of givenname and sn.

Is there anything wrong in the above filter? any suggestions around would be appreciated.

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It look like you are using JNDI.

Here is a small sample

//Create the initial directory context
LdapContext ctx = new InitialLdapContext(env,null);

//Create the search controls
SearchControls ctls = new SearchControls();

//Specify the attributes to return
String returnedAtts[]={"distinguishedName","CN","sAMAccountName"};

//Specify the search scope

//specify the LDAP search filter
String searchFilter = "(&(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName="+ theUserToCheck +"))";

//Specify the Base for the search
String searchBase = "DC=erieinsurance,DC=com";

//initialize counter to total the results
int totalResults = 0;

//Search for objects using the filter
NamingEnumeration answer =, searchFilter, ctls);

//Loop through the search results
while (answer.hasMoreElements()) {
    SearchResult sr = (SearchResult);
    System.out.println(totalResults + ". " + sr.getName().toString());
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Thanks for the reply...yes, we are using JNDI. It is resolved now the search parameter Id was mapped to different parameter, now I have mapped to 'CN' it is working... – TP_JAVA Nov 9 '11 at 13:46
"theUserToCheck" is vulnarable to LDAP filter injection, e.g. if someone specifies theUserToCheck = "*)(otherAttr=otherValue" – Vilmantas Baranauskas Jan 23 '15 at 13:27

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