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I can fire off queries from the 'mongos' console, and see the reads hit the primaries. I can successfully execute rs.slaveOk(); and then fire off the same queries, and see the reads hit the secondaries.

The problem is that no matter what I try I can't get queries in Mongoid to hit the secondaries. It appears that it's not sending the slaveOk. I've tried setting read: :secondary in mongoid.yml, and I've also tried read_secondary: true, but the underlying connection is not a replica set one, so I'm thinking that's why mongoid is ignoring it.

Is there some other way (barring just creating my own connection pool and setting :slave_ok) that I can get mongoid to work? Am I missing some magical undocumented yml setting?

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Since Mongoid is connecting to a single mongos router, just add the following line below the hostname entry in mongoid.yml:

slave_ok: true
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Our real problem was that in the mongoid yml we were specifying 'host' instead of 'hosts'. We thought we just needed a 'host' specification since we're only talking to mongos locally. However, this causes the connection to be established as a regular mongo connection, instead of a replica set connection, and thus the slaveOk was not being sent. –  Wedge Martin Nov 29 '11 at 2:02

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