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I am attempting to automate my epub book workflow and I am having an issue with one silly part of the epub spec. The first file has to be named 'mimetype' and the content of that zip entry has to be uncompressed.

The ZipOutputStream class in Java has the needed API to do it (ZipOutputStream#setLevel) but I don't see any way to acesses this via the Zip task. Am I out of luck and will I have to do the zip streaming manually, or is there some way to use gradle natively to access the compression profiles?

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Had a brief look at Gradle (milestone-5) source to find that it's unlikely to be possible.

The only reference to ZipOutputStream I found was at line 63 of org.gradle.api.internal.file.archive.ZipCopySpecVisitor, and you'll find it's doing this:

ZipEntry archiveEntry = new ZipEntry(...);

Where ZipEntry.STORED is probably what you are looking for, but unfortunately DEFLATED appears to be hardcoded. By the way, Gradle appears to be using Apache commons compress library for handling zip archives.

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