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I encountered a weird issue with CodeIgniter xml-rpc. If some data in the request contains system (xxx) it is automatically converted to system &140;xxx&140;

It only happens when you have word system followed by opening and closing brackets.

For example if I send Bachelor in Information system (BIS) it is received as Bachelor in Information system &140;BIS&141;

Just wondering if anyone else has ever had this issue or know anything about this.


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That is caused by the CodeIgniter XSS filtering which is activated by default. It happens because system() is a command in PHP to execute shell code.

Simple workaround (not recommended): Deactivate it in config.php

$config['global_xss_filtering'] = FALSE;       

Better workaround: Deactivate it on a per-case base in your XML-RPC controller, so in the server part set

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Yes you are right. Its because of the xss filtering. But it is not governed by global_xss_filtering parameter in config file. Even if you make it FALSE, issue still comes. Rather there is a separate xss_clean property in Xmlrpc.php which govern this setting. Thanks for your help. –  Vikk Nov 9 '11 at 2:52

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