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I have a piece of code that is wrapped in a css class, the problem is that there is one particular line there that needs to be in the <span> but does not need the css class. How can I tell it to not take that css? for that line

<span id="myPrice" class="Price" runat="server">  
    <uc:CustomMessage ID="mPrice" MessageKey="myMsg" runat="server" /> //does not need css
    <span ><asp:Literal ID="litPrice" runat="server" /></span>

So as you can see the second line, we dont want the css applied to it.. but it needs to be within that "myPrice" span.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thank you

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From a design standpoint it would be better to move the styling to the inner <span> instead, but if that's not possible you could probably exclude it like this:

.Price:not(input[type="button"]) { color:red; }

The above excludes buttons, but you can replace this with whatever element you need. Here's a more detailed reference:


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Give your user control its own CSS class, and specify rules that undo the effect of Price.

<uc:CustomMessage CssClass="noStyles" ID="mPrice" MessageKey="myMsg" runat="server" />

Then, have a rule called noStyles that undoes any effects of Price.

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Can you apply the css rule just to the first line ?

#myPrice #mPrice { your rule }
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