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Some of my Java classes have static methods marked with a special annotation, @Assert, containing sanity checks.

I'd like to perform these checks before any code gets actually executed. The best would be to call these methods from <clinit>. How to get similar behavior using AspectJ, and without modifying initial code?

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AspectJ provides a staticinitialization(TypePattern) pointcut definition that will select existing static initializers and intercept them. Doesn't appear to be able to add static initializers to classes that don't have them, however.

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There don't need to be explicit static blocks, however, it can act as a class-load join point. –  Dave Newton Nov 8 '11 at 20:40
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Just to add to John's answer; the staticInitialization pointcut doesn't require there to be any static blocks, in which case it acts as a simple class load join point.

That would be the time to call your methods annotated with @Assert.

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