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I have set a default-service-exception-strategy which route and application error to various outbound endpoints.

One of this endpoints is a jdbc connector endpoint which updates the database with the error message.

I'd like to get an attribute from the payload which filters the rows to be updated. Which expression should I use to get the attributes values to my query?

UPDATE  dtb_controle_processo.cnpr.tbl_controle
SET     cod_situa_seque = 'FAILURE'
WHERE   cod_situa_seque = 'INICIADO'
AND     cod_modul       = #[message.payload.module]  --- WHAT EXPRESSION ?
AND     cod_proje       = #[message.payload.project] --- WHAT EXPRESSION ?


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#[bean:module] and #[bean:project] should do the trick. See the reference.

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You can also use #[ognl:module]" and #[ognl:project]". –  Víctor Romero May 14 '12 at 12:19

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