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I have a QTreeWidget with a bunch of QTreeWidgetItems. Each QTreeWidgetItem has a timestamp that is in the form of a QDateTime. The QTreeWidget is sorted by timestamp. I have another list of QTreeWidgetItems that is also sorted by timestamp. I want to add this list of QTreeWidgetItems to my QTreeWidget and end up with combine sorted list of QTreeWIdgetItems in a QTreeWidget.

Currently, this is how I am combining the two lists of QTreeWidgetItems:

    #self is my QTreeWidget class
    numItems = self.topLevelItemCount()
    #items is the new list of QTreeWIdgetItems to be added
    numAddItems = len(items)

    if numAddItems == 0:

    while addItemIndex < numAddItems:
        addItem = items[addItemIndex]

        if itemIndex < numItems:
            item = self.topLevelItem(itemIndex)
            addItemDateTime = items[addItemIndex].getTimestamp()
            itemDateTime = item.getTimestamp()
            if addItemDateTime < itemDateTime:
                self.insertTopLevelItem(itemIndex, addItem)
                addItemIndex += 1
            addItemIndex += 1
        itemIndex += 1
        numItems = self.topLevelItemCount()

I know that to merge and sort two Python lists, I can do something like this:

>>> l1 = [1, 3, 4, 7]  
>>> l2 = [0, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9]  
>>> sorted(l1 + l2)  
[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]

I know QTreeWidget has a sortItems() method. How would I tell QTreeWidget to use the QDateTime to sort?

I could also do something like this:

#self is a QTreeWidget
#get a list of all the QTreeWidgetItems in the QTreeWidget
currentItems = []
numItems = self.topLevelItemCount()
for i in range(numItems):
#clear the QTreeWidget
#perform a merge sort on the list of all the QTreeWidgetItems
items = self.mergesort(currentItems + newItems)
for item in items:

So what's a better way to combine my two lists of QTreeWidgetItems?

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I haven't checked, but sorted(l1 + l2, key=lambda x: x.getTimestamp()) feels right. – Thomas K Nov 8 '11 at 17:07

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If you used a QTreeView with a QStandardItemModel, this would be easy.

The timestamps could be added with QStandardItem.setData (using a custom role), and then the sort key could be set on the model using QStandardItemModel.setSortRole.

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I eventually did this in my Python code:

sortedItems = sorted(currentItems, key=lambda x: x.getTimestamp())

However, I had to rewrite the app in C++, and this is what I did in C++:

void TreeWidget::sortTreeWidgetItems(QVector<LogEvent *> currentItems) {
    qSort(currentItems.begin(), currentItems.end(), compareLogEventsByTimestampDesc);

bool compareLogEventsByTimestampDesc(LogEvent *eventA, LogEvent *eventB) {
    QDateTime aTimestamp = eventA->getTimestamp();
    QDateTime bTimestamp = eventB->getTimestamp();
    return (aTimestamp > bTimestamp);

Where LogEvent inherits QTreeWidgetItem.

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