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Multiple images are saved to variables, and I would like to view them and save them. I loaded the .mat file into MATLAB, and variables appeared in my workspace e.g. a,b,c,d; all have images stored in them. I'd like to access an image from "a".

Tried: imagesc(a,:,:,imagenumber) but get Error using ==> imageDisplayParsePVPairs at 72 Invalid input arguments.

What am I doing wrong?

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imagesc should work, it all depends on what your variables size are and how you write the call to the function...


a = eye(100,100);
imagesc(a); colormap gray

works fine;


a = rand(100,100,100);

or if a is an rgb image, a(width,height,3), then use imshow as proposed by Romeo

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Try to use imshow function from Image Processing Toolbox:

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the syntax is wrong. If is a single image you should write


if is a (I'm assuming) RGB image

imagesc(a); colormap gray;

if grayscale.

If there are multiple images within the same variable you should use


for a RGB image

imagesc(a(:,:,imagenumber)); colormap gray;

for a grayscale

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