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I get the following in including MacPorts' Bash tab completion to Zsh

/opt/local/etc/bash_completion:[:48: unrecognized condition: `2'
[ -- cut -- ]
/opt/local/etc/bash_completion:[:62: unrecognized condition: `2'
/opt/local/etc/bash_completion:69: command not found: shopt
[ -- cut -- ]
/opt/local/etc/bash_completion:3015: command not found: complete
/opt/local/etc/bash_completion:3062: parse error near `&&'

How can you have MacPorts' tab completion in Zsh?

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You might want to try zsh completion for zsh. bash_completion is for Bash, surprisingly enough.

edit It sounds like you might be looking specifically for completion support for the port command. It looks like the MacPorts zsh package has a +mp_completion variant that will install completion for the port command:

sudo port install zsh +mp_completion
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@Brian: Thank you! I completely forgot that there is the command variant in MacPorts. It seems that I cannot survive without tab completions :) Thank you for your answer! –  Masi Apr 30 '09 at 15:27
Note if you don't want to use MacPorts’ version of zsh, there is a separate zsh-completions port, then you just add /opt/local/share/zsh/site-functions to your $fpath and you get MacPorts completion (plus a bunch of others). –  Nicholas Riley Jun 6 '14 at 23:37

Waking up that old question I just found doing some researchs to mention the wonderful oh-my-zsh utility intended for OSX that brings easily tab completion to port amongst others and also many many other nice stuff. A must have imho :)

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