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Clearly its not on their FAQ. Nor can I find it on the web. Any one with an account can test the following for me?

telnet 2195

I would start using their free tier and move on to the paid service later.



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yes, if you own an ec2 instance you have full control over ports, i.e you decide what you want open.

note outbound ports are open (aws firewall only blocks incoming)

the only cavet is if you run a firewall on the ec2 instance well (iptables/windows firewall), you would then need to configure the outbound rule.

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thanks for the answer. I think it looks right. I am trying out the instance now. If what you said is indeed correct, I will mark it as correct answer. Just wanted to give a heads-up that I didn't forget about tagging the answer as right. – mbh Nov 9 '11 at 18:28

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