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I am using the XamGrid to allow users to edit data. I have several scenarios where the handler of an event on one control in a given editable row must use or target another control in the same row. For example, I want to handle the selection changing of a ComboEditor to cause the list of choices in another ComboEditor to change. As another example, I'd like a checked checkbox to disable the editing of other controls in the same row.

How would I find or get a reference to a different control in the same row? In general, each control's event arguments are unaware of other controls or that the control is in a row.

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Typically in a Silverlight application you would do this using a combination of bindings and a ViewModel object. So for your example a "checked checkbox to disable the editing of other controls in the same row". You would need a property on your ViewModel that the row is bound to that is a bool. Then you would just add a binding to the readonly property on the other columns and bind that to the same property (you might have to reverse the value).

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