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I am learning context-free grammar, and I don't understand how to identity expression, factor and term in a programming language like C or C++.

Suppose we have an assignment statement, id := E, where E is any arithmetic expression.

What is a term? What is an expression? and What is a factor in an actual piece of code?

We can have

int i = 3, j = 14
int i = 3 + j * 14;

Thank you very much.

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@AlexK that's correct. But I want to see what expression, factor and term are in an actual piece of code. Thank you though. –  CppLearner Nov 8 '11 at 18:59

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The "factor", "term" and "expression" concepts come from math and don't really have to do with programming languages.

Factors are things you multiply:


Terms are things you add:

1 + 2 + (3*4)

And expressions are for the whole result

1 + 3 * 7

In context-free language parsing you use these distinctions to organize the precedences between operators. So an expression is made of a sum of terms and a term is made of a product of factors and a factor is either a number or a parenthesized subexpression.

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Can you please define "statement" in this way(adding an example will be appreciated) –  mostafiz Apr 16 at 14:42

Your homework probably also has a grammar specification for a (subset of a) programming language like C or C++ , something along the lines of:

Expression->Expression + Term
Expression->Expression - Term
etc etc.

Then, 3 + j*14 is an expression, 3 is a term (anything connected by a + is either an Expression or a Term according to the grammar above) j and 14 are factors Please note that a grammar above is a very crude imitation of what a grammar of a real programming language might look like.

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Ok so suppose we have a grammar like this:

Program->(Definitions | lambda)
Definitions->Definitions Definitions

Definitions-> "int" Definition ";" |"int" Definition,Definition ";"
Definition -> Name "=" Expression

Expression-> Term "+" Expression
Expression->Expression "-" Term
Expression->Expression "*" Factor

Note that my terminal symbols are in quotes and I omit the part where Name is defined as a combination of letters and numbers and underscores starting with a letter or an underscore :)

So, in your example:

Line 1 int i = 3, j = 14;
Line 2 int i = 3 + j * 14;

i and j are Names. 3, 14 (line 1) and 3 + j*14 (line 2) are are Expressions. Then,on line 2, 3 is a Term, j*14 is an Expression, j is a Factor and 14 is a Factor :)

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