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Here's my problem:

I need to run a database without a server, but we do have a pretty good LAN access but all computers are blocked behind a proxy.

What I do have is some shared folders between all users.

Is there anyway to have a database in this shared folder so that all users can use at the same time? Or at least all users can read it? I mean, I could use a central computer to update the database every hour. And then users can get the information they need. Most users don't need to write in the database, just read.

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"Yes", but I would recommend not using a database on a "shared drive". It will, however, work -- fsvo work -- with both SQLite and JET database engines. See sqlite.org/whentouse.html for rational. – user166390 Nov 8 '11 at 19:28
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If it's possible to ping other computers in your office by their local address: (example then it will be easy access the database that way, just as if it was over the internet.

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Really? I can actually ping other computers, but for some reason I imagined I wouldn't be able to make that database. I'm just gonna install it on my machine and see what happens... – Johnny Bigoode Nov 8 '11 at 19:23


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However, this is may not good in the context of "shared folders" ... – user166390 Nov 8 '11 at 19:26
Very true. Most of my work tends to be write-heavy so I'm biased :p – user166390 Nov 8 '11 at 21:28

Some shared-file databases:

SQLite [pretty univeral, public domain]

MS Access (Jet) [Windows only but the engine (Jet) is installed on almost every Windows PC]

SQL Anywhere [Sybase]

SQL Server Compact Edition [Embedded version of SQL Server]

Filemaker Pro [Windows & Mac, includes forms, reports, programming language]

R:Base [Windows only, includes forms, reports, programming language]

There are plenty of others.

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In addition to direct00's answer, also make sure that the port the database server of your choice runs on is open/accesible from other computers. Add it to the firewall rules if you have it enabled.

IE for Firebird the port is 3050. For MySQL default is 3306.

A ping isn't enough, scan the port with nmap for example from another computer to see if it is filtered in any way by a firewall. Or just deactivate the firewall on the server if it doesn't pose a threat, but I wouldn't recommend it in the long run, just for troubleshooting purposes.

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