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I have a string below and I want to remove the trailing
but I'm struggling. Any help?

This is a string<br>    
next line<br>

So after my function, the string should be

This is a string<br>
next line

Doing this code below doesn't seem to be working. Well, it works but it doesn't clear out two trailing breaks.


So if my string is actually:

This is a string<br>
next line<br>

then the code above just returns

This is a string<br>
next line
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If you want to remove all trailing <br>s, then use a quantifier:


\s matches any white space characters, so even if there is line break between continuous <br>s, it will still match.


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awesome, thank you! – Mike Nov 8 '11 at 20:08

If it's the contents of an HTML element, you can just use jQuery to remove the element:


If it's a string, you can do something like this (still leveraging jQuery):

var cleaner = $('<div />').html(mystring);
mystring = cleaner.html();

I prefer this over splitting on a string or your current RegEx because you're not handling the scenario of a BR tag like this: <br />.

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I tested your code, and it seems to work. I pasted the following into a file and then viewed in firefox, and clicked view source. The second br was not visible in the source.

var mystring = 'This is a string<br>\n next line<br>'

Perhaps your mystring variable has an actual linebreak (\n) at the end of it after the br, so your regular expression is not matching?

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Yup. I just realized it's working. But my issue is with multiple trailing breaks. Doh. – Mike Nov 8 '11 at 19:54
@Mike: So you want to remove all trailing <br>s? Then use a quantifier: /(<br>\s*)+$/. – Felix Kling Nov 8 '11 at 19:56

Try this:


demo :)

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