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There is a page (url), I request it by XMLHttpRequest, but I'm not getting response from requested url, It's directing request to another page,

requesting --- > page.php
getting reponse from > directedpage.php

and the question is how can I get response url? (directedpage.php in example)

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The final URL (after following all redirects) is available in the responseURL attribute of a XMLHttpRequest instance. This feature is new and only supported in Firefox 32 stable in September 2014 [ref] and Chrome 37.0.2031.0 stable in August 2014 [ref] (and probably also Opera 24). responseURL is not (yet) supported in IE 11 or Safari 7 and older browsers. For these browsers, the previous answer is still true:

XMLHttpRequest automatically follows redirects, without saving the served URLs in a property. The Location header can neither be retrieved through the .getResponseHeader().


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OK, but, does someone know why ? Security ? Which attack should be available with the response url ? (Giving response url only if response url is in the same origin than the original url) –  Julien Palard Apr 26 '13 at 14:47
@JulienPalard The specification demands that redirects have to be followed transparently. –  Rob W Apr 26 '13 at 14:53

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