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I want make the combo box editable in c# that should accept input from keyboard and from the drop-down and I want to append the text that is entered to the drop-down list.

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You need to:

1) Set the AutoCompleteMode property to AutoCompleteMode.SuggestAppend

2) Set the AutoCompleteSource property to AutoCompleteSource.CustomSource

3) Set the AutoCompleteCustomSource property to an AutoCompleteStringCollection of your possible matches.

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Nice but can you plz elobrate the answer means if i use a editable combobox how can i store the new value in a database so i can retrive the same for the next time –  KiranSolkar Nov 6 '12 at 5:36
@KiranSolkar that is outside the scope of this particular question. Please open a new question. –  Nicholas Feb 7 at 16:03

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