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We are evaluating technologies for video streaming site.

I have been a Microsoft guy from last 6 years.

Could anybody here suggest what are the necessary technologies for video streaming sites citing the their characteristics such as:

  • scalability,
  • performance,
  • development effort

Also, some books or other pointers would be appreciated.

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take a look at wowza streaming server – ohrstrom Jul 26 '12 at 13:28

Since few years lot of technologies has been used for live streaming :

  • RTMP (adobe protocol)
  • Smooth streaming (microsoft dynamic streaming)
  • HLS (apple dynamic streaming)
  • HDS (adobe dynamic streaming)

For professional use, Wowza Streaming server is a must since it can adapt your H264 stream for each protocole automaticaly.

Flash media server works great too, with the same kind of functionnality but is a little bit more expensive.

Unified Streaming works directly as a module for your webserver (apache/nginx). This way of working lower the cost to deploy it and allow you to use some generic HTTP caches/proxies. But this works only with http based protocols (hls,hds, smooth).

Red5 is great for RTMP/RTP but still don't support any http protocols.

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