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Hi I am rendering a map using setDataURL("path to map xml"), currently when I give a path which a valid URL only then does the Map load. If I give the path as a disk location , it doesnt work since it just appends this path to the base URL which makes it an invalid URL. so if the path is /myapp/js/my1.xml - it works as I have my js folder in web-app directory so http://localhost:xxx/myapp/js/my1.xml is valid

if the path is like C:/xmls/my1.xml - it doesnt work since http://localhost:xxx/myapp/C:/xmls/my1.xml is invalid URL. but since we are deploying a war we want to keep the XML outside the web-app , how do I set the path in setDataURL() method.

Thanks & Regards Priyank

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Primarily you can try using file:/// protocol, but I fear that might not of much help if you application is running in a webserver.

This is likely to cause a cross domain issue and the file content will get blocked.

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I will test if this works but theres something with flash sandbox security model which doesnt allow resources from different domains and the xml is a data input to the flash chart –  pri_dev Nov 9 '11 at 18:44

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