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Can someone explain why everything in WPF is blurry? Is this something that can be fixed?

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The reason for this is the anti-aliasing system which spreads the line over multiple pixels if it doesn't align with physical device pixels.

WPF is resoultion independent. This means you specify the size of an user interface element in inches, not in pixels. A logical unit in WPF is 1/96 of an inch. This scale is chosen, because most screens have a resolution of 96dpi. So in most cases 1 logical unit matches to 1 physical pixel. But if the screen resolution changes, this rule is no longer valid.

All WPF controls provide a property SnapsToDevicePixels. If set to true, the control ensures the all edges are drawn excactly on physical device pixels. But unfortunately this feature is only available on control level.

Source: Draw lines excactly on physical device pixels

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Note that the SnapToDevicePixels property has no effect on text glyphs. Try this on TextBlock to see what I mean. Unfortunately we're stuck with blurry text for now. –  Drew Noakes May 2 '09 at 19:04
There is more about blurry fonts over here: stackoverflow.com/questions/190344/… –  Spoike May 2 '09 at 19:16

Quick Fix:

Use these options on every Container from root to your blurry control



UseLayoutRounding=true fixes subpixel layout problems. They often occur because e.g. Effects resize controls to be something between pixels.

RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode=NearestNeighbor fixes blurry sampling of bitmaps. Bitmaps are used when effects or other techniques are used. When they are reapplied to the container or control they might end up inbetween pixels and therefore interpolate the pixels of the bitmap.

SnapsToDevicePixels="True" fixes vertical and horizontal polygons, lines and rectangles being rendered inbetween pixels

RenderOptions.ClearTypeHint="Enabled" reenables cleartype on text. It is disabled very easily by effects or whenever the renderer does not know the exact background of a text.

You should use it on every Container because sometimes, e.g. by data templates these options are defaulted again for the sub controls.

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Addition: You might run into visual problems on 4K Screens or under other occasions. For example text may be teared in the middle or some pixels missing completely, even whole 1pixel lines can become invisible. You need additional techniques to fix these problems. –  ecreif Jul 31 at 11:07

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