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I know how to save to my database from a datagrid's selected row, but I want to save all records from my list box to the database. Here is the related xaml for the ListBox:

    <DataTemplate x:Key="EventDataTemplate">
       <StackPanel Name="OuterStackPanel">
          <TextBox Text="{Binding Title}" Name="TextBoxTitle"/>
          <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
             <TextBlock Text="{Binding BeginDate}" Name="TextBoxBeginDate"/>
             <TextBlock Text=" - "/>
             <TextBlock Text="{Binding EndDate}" Name="TextBoxEndDate"/>
          <TextBox Text="{Binding Venue}" Name="TextBoxVenue"/>
          <TextBox Text="{Binding Location}" Name="TextBoxLocation"/>
          <TextBlock Name="TextBlockID" Text="{Binding id}"/>
 <ListBox x:Name="AllEventsListBox" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource EventDataTemplate}"/>

With my DataGrid method, I use this codebehind to save its row's related TextBoxes to the database:

    MyServiceClient client = new MyServiceClient();
    client.UpdateEventCompleted += new EventHandler<UpdateEventCompletedEventArgs>(client_UpdateEventCompleted); = int.Parse(LblID.Content.ToString());
    singleEvent.Title = TextBoxTitle.Text;
    singleEvent.Location = TextBoxLocation.Text;
    singleEvent.BeginDate = TextBoxBegin.Text;
    singleEvent.EndDate= TextBoxEnd.Text;
    singleEvent.Venue = TextBoxVenue.Text;

However, I would like to save all of the altered text from my generated ListBoxItems, instead of just one row at a time from my DataGrid method.

Is this possible?

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Can you define singleEvent class to have INotifyPropertyChanged? and use BindingMode = TwoWay for all textboxes – mslliviu Jan 23 '12 at 17:02
So, I had to duplicate my class on the client side. Here is part of my code that ended up working: client.UpdateEventCompleted += new EventHandler<UpdateEventCompletedEventArgs>(client_UpdateEventCompleted); foreach (ClientClasses.ClientSideUpcomingEvent eachUpcomingEvent in AllEventsListBox.Items) { if (eachUpcomingEvent.IsDirty) { client.UpdateEventAsync(eachUpcomingEvent.ServerSideUpcomingEvent); eachUpcomingEvent.MarkClean(); } } – user1036379 Feb 2 '12 at 19:19

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