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I know how to get the basename for a file with java's ANT build tool, but in this case I want to change the name of a file to include a build version number. Unfortunately the file's name gets set in another ant script (from the android system) which I am importing and I'm not able to set the property for that file or the imported script will complain that the property should not be set already. Thus, if i have a property holding MyApp-release.apk and I want to change the value to MyApp-release-1.10.apk how would I do this? I know I can put the 1.10 at the start of the filename with basename and that's probably what I will do, but I'd rather do it the other way.

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Form http://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/basename.html:

Task to determine the basename of a specified file, optionally minus a specified suffix.

<basename property="cmdname" file="D:/usr/local/foo.exe"
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Thanks, read the doc wrong, thought suffix was to generate a suffix to append a suffix to the basename –  Matt Wolfe Nov 8 '11 at 21:49

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