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I want to do a quick macro and I have some problems. I have a bunch of columns... one of them (column B) contains the numbers 17, 1408 and some numbers that have this format 000000-000-00 ...so...I put a filter for cells that contain-... it shows me the numbers with the format above... now I want to select them and paste them in column A (but every one of them to be on the same row. If I select them and then copy/paste it will tell me that it can do this with multiple selections. Do you have any solution?

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This worked for me:

Private Sub CopyRange()

    Dim r1 As Range
    Dim r2 As Range

    Set r1 = ActiveSheet.Range("A1:C1,A3:C3")
    Set r2 = ActiveSheet.Range("D5")

    r1.Copy r2

End Sub

As a side note, you can use advanced filter in the code or in excel and specify a range for it to be copied to.

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In A2:


Fill down the formula in Col A. Follow up with copy/pastespecial-values if you need to convert from a formula to a fixed value.

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  1. Make a new column.
  2. In your new column, enter this formula and fill down for your entire dataset:


  3. Sort the table using your new column. Then you can copy & paste.

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