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I try send the message using the followingcode:

FacebookClient fbClient = new FacebookClient(appId, appSecret);
fbClient.AccessToken = "...";
string to = "user id";
dynamic result = fbClient.Post(String.Format("{0}/feed", to), parameters);

but how I can know if the menssage has send to user successfully? what's the returns on case success/erros? I not found some details in the documentation of facebook-sdk-api for C#.

.NET version: v4.0.30319

Facebook Assembly version:

Thanks in advance.

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by taking reference you will have post_id for result parameter for successfull call, if fail it should be some json including error message, for example:

  "error_code": 200,
  "error_msg": "The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action",
  "request_args": [
      "key": "method",
      "value": "stream.publish"
      "key": "access_token",
      "value": "AAAC9okD6ZA7ABABhvJOZBQvUE2OsuHLKEkqlvKKkPDNB9kHfF55DqgKF2raHmSaUSgkpvLtgWniM5CFnu5mxaGODLqvwVz9zBNd1Jd6AZDZD"
      "key": "format",
      "value": "json"
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