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I've created some Microsoft Word 2010 macros using the Record Macro feature. This includes searching the document to find a certain string of words, and to insert those string of words into excel.

I want to be able to call this macro in Powershell. Seeing how exporting the Macro will only give me a .bas file, I was wondering if it was possible to go into Microsoft Word using Powershell and to execute the macro on the document? Since the script lives in Microsoft Word, the question is if it’s possible to reach into Word using Powershell and to execute these Macros. Or will I have to rewrite the macro in Powershell?

I want to run this Macro on several documents in a given folder.

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This do the trick:

$wd = new-object -comobject word.application # create a com object interface (word application)

$wd.documents.open("C:\word\test.doc") # open doc

$wd.run("Macro01") # exec macro named macro01

$wd.quit() # exit application

The macro must be saved on normal.dot (normal.dotm for 2010 and above) to have it in all open documents.

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Thanks! I appreciate it –  Nudo Dec 6 '11 at 18:53
Accept it as answer! thank you! –  CB. Dec 7 '11 at 6:56

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