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On a weblog I saw that we can Patch the devenv.exe to support 2+ GB memory, the problem is that for me it says editbin command is not found. so I am not sure what am I missing. I have Win7 64 bit and VS 2010 and I have only installed C# and not C++ .

here is the weblog: http://stevenharman.net/blog/archive/2008/04/29/hacking-visual-studio-to-use-more-than-2gigabytes-of-memory.aspx

and here is the command it says we should run:

 editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE devenv.exe

Has anybody done this before?

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Link changed slightly, now it's old.stevenharman.net/blog/archive/2008/04/29/… –  Darth Continent Feb 25 '14 at 1:25

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According to Microsoft's EDITBIN reference the command can only be run from within Visual Studio itself. You'll have to make a copy of devenv.exe to work against. I don't know why it would have this limitation, since it appears earlier versions did not.


You can start this tool only from the Visual Studio command prompt. You cannot start it from a system command prompt or from Windows Explorer.

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Thanks. worked. –  Bohn Nov 8 '11 at 23:37

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