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Now that rvm seams to handle maglev with ease I wanted to start experimenting with an image different from the standard maglev image. I created a new image using

rake stone:create[experimental]

I could now run code in a VM connected to that stone using

maglev-ruby --stone experimental -e <code>

as expected and it reported the expected stone_name. However I could not get maglev-irb to run with a similar option, judging from the usage info they do not seem to be supported. Trying

maglev-irb --stone experimental

anyway results in an error like

ERROR 2730 , a NameError occurred (error 2730), , global $@ is a read-only variable (NameError)

Maybe there is a less obvious way I am missing? It would really be convenient to play around with maglev features interactively without destroying the default VM in the process.

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That seems to be an oversite on our part. As a workaround, try:

export MAGLEV_OPTS="--stone experimental"
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Thanks, this works like a charm (besides sparing me the --stone in the above ruby ... as well :-) –  Patru Nov 9 '11 at 0:53

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