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I have a FlowDocument in a standard WPF application window where I have some text, and in this text some hyperlinks and buttons.

The problem is, if I put this FlowDocument inside anything except a FlowDocumentPageViewer the hyperlinks and buttons are disabled ("grayed out").

        Hello, World!
        <Hyperlink NavigateUri="some-uri">click me</Hyperlink>
        <Button Click="myButton_Click" Content="Click me too!" />

The above will work and the link will be clickable. However, I don't want the full pageviewer thing since it will show navigation buttons (back/forward) zoom and it also has a weird column behavior.

I want it in a simple FlowDocumentScrollViewer (or anything else that just displays the text without additional fuzz).

EDIT: It's not only hyperlinks that is the problem. Any control, like Button, ListBox, ComboBox - anything that the user can interact with - is "grayed out" regardless of the IsEnabled properties if the FlowDocument is inside a FlowDocumentScrollViewer.

EDIT2: Alright, it must have been a mistake or something from my end, because I ended up rewriting the control and now it works. I guess there was some sort if IsEnabled=False somewhere in the visual tree that caused this.

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I'm using a FlowDocumentScrollViewer for my about box:

<FlowDocumentScrollViewer VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Auto">
            <!-- ... -->

I don't have any of the controls or issues you mention.

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I am wondering whether you expecing some thing like this?

    <Run Text="Test link"/>
</Hyperlink >

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I'd rather use FlowDocument since it gives me some additional formatting capabilities. (I'm using this for some simple online help for my app - just a dialog that briefly explains how to do a task) –  Isak Savo Sep 17 '08 at 7:22

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