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Is it possible to deauthorise my own app using the API [assuming I have sufficient permissions]?

I'm writing some unit tests and want to be able to register/unregister the app programatically (I'm aware the register step requires user input)

I'm working in PHP so calls are being made to the various URLs eg to logout:

header("Location:" . urlencode($ReturnUrl) . "&access_token=" . $Params['access_token']);

For calls that return data, I'm using file_get_contents().

I'm already handling all the OAuth tokens.

I need a solution I can use server-side not JavaScript / browser automation.

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Make a HTTP DELETE request to /PROFILE_ID/permissions with your user's access token (I think the App Access Token will work here too)

  • e.g. in PHP using the SDK it may look like :

$user_id = 'user id here';


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