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Background: I'm attempting to change a Transfer ORM based app to a Hibernate ORM app as transparently as possible.

I'm having problems with ManyToManys with a collection type of Struct, when the primary key of the related table is the struct key

Transfer would let you do this:

<manytomany name="Timezone" table="RegionTimezones" lazy="false">
    <link column="RegionID" to="regions.Region"/>
    <link column="TimezoneID" to="regions.Timezone"/>
    <collection type="struct">
        <key property="TimezoneID"/>

The equivalent Hibernate/CFProperty tag is:

<cfproperty name="Timezones" fieldtype="many-to-many" linktable="RegionTimezones" cfc="Timezone" singularName="Timezone" FKColumn="TimezoneID" inversejoincolumn="RegionID" type="struct" structkeytype="string" structkeycolumn="TimezoneID" />

However this errors with "Repeated column in mapping for collection: Region.Timezones column: TimezoneID"

It appears that structkeycolumn cannot be the PK of another table.

My problem is that I have lots of existing calling code that takes advantage of Transfer's way of doing things.

Does anyone know of any workarounds for this? I have herd people talking of a One-To-Many with link table, but can't find any references of how to do this in CF?

Thanks, Dave

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I encountered the same limitation before, but didn't find a workaround so I ended up using array instead. – Henry Nov 9 '11 at 2:22
Thanks Henry, I have gone with your Array idea and added methods such as getXXXStruct() that loops through the array. – Dave Nov 10 '11 at 3:56

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