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I have an array of CALayers which represent game pieces. I call hottest: to determine which game piece was touched and then move it around. How can I figure out which piece it was?

  1. Subclass CALayer and add a property
  2. Use the CALayer as key in NSMutableDictionary, value some additional data
  3. Loop through my array and compare the pointers
  4. Something more clever?
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Turns out CALayer is a KVC complaint container. Meaning I can add properties to it with [theLayer setValue:[NSNumber numberWithInteger:50] forKey:@"someKey"]; and get they by someKeyValue=[theLayer valueForKey:@"someKey"]; This way I can add identifying information to the CALayers and not have to do anything fancy. – maxwells Nov 9 '11 at 2:43
It won't let me answer it myself till later. – maxwells Nov 9 '11 at 2:43

You can hit test your view for CALayer, even when they are moving.

- (CALayer *)hitTest:(CGPoint)thePoint

This is a half related topic that you may be interested to look at :
Core Animation, unexpected animated position and hitTest values

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