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howdy ~ tryin' to whip out a MEJS based video player with user switchable vids.

problem i'm havin is when i call setSrc(), both the flash and the html5 player preloads the entire video before it starts playing the new vid, regardless of what the preload tag indicates. ideally the video begins playing as data is downloading.

/* code and comments trimmed for your viewing pleasure */
<video src="myvideo1.mp4" width="800" height="450" preload="none" smoothing autoplay></video>

    var player = new MediaElementPlayer('video', {
        enablePluginDebug: true,
        plugins: ['flash','silverlight'],
        defaultVideoWidth: 800, defaultVideoHeight: 450,
        videoWidth: -1, videoHeight: -1,
        loop: false,
        features: ['playpause','progress','current','duration','fullscreen'], 
        success: function (mediaElement, domObject) { 
        error: function () { 

    var currentVid = 1;

    var vidnames = new Array("(null)",

    function switchvid (vidnum) {
        currentVid = vidnum;

        player.setSrc( vidnames[vidnum] );;

        return false;


<A HREF="#" onClick="return switchvid(1)"><IMG SRC="ch01x.png"></A>
<A HREF="#" onClick="return switchvid(2)"><IMG SRC="ch02x.png"></A>
<A HREF="#" onClick="return switchvid(3)"><IMG SRC="ch03x.png"></A>

tried preload="none", preload, preload="auto" all with the same results... player just appears to hang while filling the buffer with the entire download, then begins to play.

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apparently, the load() function handles this. not clear on load()'s relationship to the PRELOAD attributes (if any), but for me it is working now.

 var player = new MediaElementPlayer('video', {
    // etc
    success: function (mediaElement, domObject) { 

function switchvid (vidnum) {
    currentVid = vidnum;

    player.setSrc( vidnames[vidnum] );

    return false;
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