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I have the setup of my Rails app as following:

  • Rails: 3.0.5 (under Apache proxy) running on RHEL 5.6
  • Postgres: 8.4, running on Windows Server 2008 The 2 servers are on the same LAN.

The problem is, after some idle time, when I make a new request to the Rails app, it gives me the following error:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (PGError: server closed the connection unexpectedly
    This probably means the server terminated abnormally
    before or while processing the request.

From what I have researched, it seems that the database connections are dropped after some timeout by Postgres. During this time, from the Rails side,

  • if I make a request to Rails (1st request), it will display the connection error as above
  • if I make another request to Rails (2nd request), Rails seems to reconnect to Postgres and functions correctly.

It means that I will always experience the first connection error then will have all normal operation again, which is very serious in my case since I'd like to deliver a non-error response to my client.

I have looked in following questions and answers, but they do not seem to be appropriate for my case:

Do you have any advice in order to make my app free from db connection errors? Thank you.

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I am getting same error while using postgresql with heroku – Salil Nov 9 '11 at 4:45
It is normal for connections to go away. It is not normal for Rails to treat it so ungracefully. Check your database driver (adapter)'s implementation of verify! and active?; normally ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::ConnectionPool gives the adapter a chance to reconnect any stale connection immediately prior to checking it out from the pool. Which gem are you using for Postgres? – vladr Jan 16 '12 at 4:24

We had this problem on Heroku, a lot. As a hackish solution, here's what we did. Put the following in your ApplicationController:

prepend_before_filter :confirm_connection
def confirm_connection
  c = ActiveRecord::Base.connection
    c.select_all "SELECT 1"
  rescue ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
    ActiveRecord::Base.logger.warn "Reconnecting to database"

Basically, tests the connection on each controller hit. Scalable? Not really. But it fixed the problem for us.

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In database.yml, do you have the reconnect: true option set for the connection? ex:

  adapter:   postgresql
  database:  myapp
  username:  deploy
  password:  password
  reconnect: true

I'm not sure about the specific error, but without this option you need to handle a class of expected db errors yourself.

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