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I have to parse 7 xml while loading of application.

How should I achieve this?

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Your question essentially boils down to "how can I parse xml on the iPhone" - I suggest you start by Google searching this term (I'm pretty sure there should be plenty of results) and then coming back to post specific questions about any aspects of this that you still don't understand. –  Justin Nov 9 '11 at 10:45
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Acc to me you can one thing :-

1) Make a separate ViewController Class for Parsing having all its necessary methods like didStartDocument....... didEndDocument.

2) see you have to send message [parser parse] multiple time (7 times) having different urls so you have to store urls first then in a loop write [parser parse] but each time having different urls in a loop. You can take a string for storing urls and then pass the string always.

3)In your parsing methods write code for all the tags you need (initializing, assigning etc) and then run i am sure you will get it write.

Hope this helps.. :)

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