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I have a Centos server running apache, php, and pure-ftp.

I have 2 sites (domains) through apache, one of them wordpress and one of them drupal. I uploaded them using my ftp account as user "ftpuser" and group "ftpgroup". Apache is running as user "apache" and php the same (apache).

I have not changes the file permissions for anything, but I did realize that I needed to supply FTP credentials for both wordpress and drupal when downloading modules, which i didn't have to do when I had everything set to 777 permissions (a long time ago, before I knew about permissions)

What user and groups should the files have. I know that directories should be 755 (or 775?) and files should be 644 (or 664?). But what user/groups should they be under?

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In Your case, the user should be "apache", but if You couldn't make chown on files, probably, You will have to put 777 on some directories, as sites/default/files/ .

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