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I have the latest Valgrind source code. I want to install Valgrind on a target machine(powerpc) which has no support for building any softwares. So i will need to cross compile Valgrind on my build machine(x86) for the powerpc machine. Now my question is how to install the cross compiled Valgrind on to my target machine?

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To use valgrind's default tool(memcheck) on PPC, files needed are:

  • ./coregrind/valgrind
  • ./coregrind/
  • ./memcheck/memcheck-ppc32-linux
  • ./memcheck/
  • ./default.supp

After cross-compilation, copy these files to the same directory and launch valgrind on target with VALGRIND_LIB set to where they are .

For example, if all files were copied into /tmp,


will start DEBUGEE with valgrind.

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