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I am using Google OpenID for login to my website. I am using it through Tornado's built-in auth library. I retrieve email ID, first name, last name and name from the openID data. My question is can I use email ID retrieved in this way to remain unique over time - including its case? For e.g. Is it possible that a user may have email ID today, but in future it may be I cannot find any other field in the returned OpenID data that I can assume unique for a given user.

Update Maybe I should also add that I was hosting my website on Google App Engine before and was using its built-in login. When I migrated to Tornado based implementation, I used email ID from the old logins as the unique identifier of the users. In most of the cases that seems to have work, but recently I ran into a case where the user's email ID returned from OpenID was different from his email ID from GAE version only in case. Therefore I am trying to understand how this can happen.

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Since it's an email address, you shouldn't consider case, as for normal email case is unimportant. So, you should be able to consider that unique in a case insensitive test.

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