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I want to create a good caching mechanism for a Service Oriented Architecture in ASP.NET.

The caching can be done at cleint tier, web tier or service tier

But in my case i want to do it at Service Tier.

The strategies can possibly be Write-Through but there will also no problem with Data Event Driven

Whether there are some open source libraries for the same.

The services can be either ASP.NET XMl Web Service (ASMX) or WCF one.

If possible can you also provide the code since i am new to caching


Any help is appreciated

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Both WCF and ASMX come with strong caching support, see: Next to that, there is caching support straight out of the box in the BCL, see

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There are many Microsoft and third party cache frameworks each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some reading with code and tutorials to get you started.

Building better data-driven apps with MS distributed caching.

Enterprise library 5 caching Application Block


As mentioned there is also the .Net 4 System.Runtime.Caching API.

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Enterprise library 5 Caching application block have been replaced by System.Runtime.Caching (BCL support) – Polity Nov 9 '11 at 6:23

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