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In django we have that defines the DEBUG for the whole project.

Now, My have debug level is independently configured in

How should I use logging.DEBUG ?


if settings.DEBUG:
    logging.debug("Debug message")


# Without checking settings.DEBUG
logging.debug("Debug message")

What is a good practice ?

I think we should use Way2 since logging level already decides - if the message will be logged or not. But, some say that Way1 is a standard practice.

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If you're using the logging module, it should be logging.debug() and not all caps. – Xavier Ho Nov 9 '11 at 6:26
Sorry.. correcting that ! – Yugal Jindle Nov 9 '11 at 7:08
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I think it's not a good thing to rely too much on a global setting such as DEBUG, which changes the whole behavior of your app.

What if you want to audit code and log stuff in production ? You're not going to turn DEBUG to true to do this, are you ? You'd rather tone down your log filter.

On a more stylistic point of view, it makes little sense and is not very pythonistic to have 2 settings (DEBUG and log level) affect a single behavior.

Long answer short: my opinion is that method 2 is superior, technically and stylisticly speaking.

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Thanks for the reply.. – Yugal Jindle Nov 10 '11 at 6:57

The second method is fine, and in fact i use it all the time.

The only reason I am putting an answer here is because we in-fact did something like (1) in a work project a few years back, it turned out that although we were not logging anything at debug level in production to a file the cost of creating the debug message was in itself quite expensive and impacting performance.


  • (1) In production the debug level message is not created at all, just a boolean check instead.
  • (2) In production the debug messages are created and propagated but just not logged into a file (well if that is in fact how you have setup your logging).

The project was a pretty big calculation farm where every ounce of performance mattered, this hasn't been the case for me ever since and might not be the case for you, but hey... i just thought i would mention it.

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Thanks for sharing the experience ! – Yugal Jindle Nov 10 '11 at 6:57

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