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I need to be able to parse an HTML template file (with the intention of injecting an SVG element into a html file, then converting it to pdf via wkhtmltopdf).

I know about the HTML Agility Pack, but it seems incapable of parsing local files (attempts to use file:// URIs have caused it to throw exceptions).

So, can anyone recommend a C# HTML parser for local HTML files?

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HTML Agility Pack is fine for local files, check out this example from the docs.

Alternatively, load the content from the file into a string using something like File.ReadAllText then pass it into HtmlDocument.LoadHtml(string html).

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Seems I was overcomplicating it by trying to use file:// –  Jordaan Mylonas Nov 10 '11 at 5:21
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How about using the HtmlDocument.LoadHtml function of HTML Agility Pack?

You could use the File.ReadAllText to read the text into memory and pass it to the LoadHtml function.

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reading the file contents using File.ReadAllText and then, HtmlDocument.LoadHtml(string fileContents) worked for me as far as I remember. –  r3st0r3 Nov 9 '11 at 8:02
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