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I am currently building a storage service, but I am very small and don't want to setup or pay for an Amazon S3 account. I already have my own hosting service which I want to use. However, I want to make it simple to switch to Amazon S3 if the need arises. Therefore, I would like to have essentially an S3 'clone' on my server, which I can simply redirect to amazons servers at a later time. Is there any package that can do this?

EDIT: I am on a shared server where I cannot install software, so is there a simple php page that can do this?

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Nimbus allows for that. From FAQ:

Cumulus is an open source implementation of the S3 REST API. Some features such as versioning and COPY are not yet implemented, but some additional features are added, such as file system usage quotas.


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Wow, yes, that certainly does what I asked. So, I should be more specific. That is wayyy overkill, so much so in fact that I cant use it. I was hoping for a php page that emulates the interface. Reason is that im on a shared server where I cant install software. Any other reccomendations? –  chacham15 Nov 9 '11 at 14:06
@chacham15 Does your hosting service provide cloud storage service? If not, you will end up having to setup your own storage server. It's not that hard to setup though. –  xybrek Dec 2 '11 at 12:29
@chacham15 BTW, I don't think an 'S3 Clone' is a simple php page. Its a infrastructure you have to setup on your server. Either through cloud hosting services or your own server. If you have a PC large enough to be a server, you can install XenServer and install one instance of LAMP server there for your PHP site, and then setup a storage server on it too. For testing this should be enough. –  xybrek Dec 2 '11 at 12:33
it doesnt supply cloud storage persay, but it does allow me to store files. That is what I mean, I dont want a cloud solution, only a php page that imitates a cloud solution but behind the scenes is just reading/writing to the local drive. –  chacham15 Dec 2 '11 at 14:06
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you would need several host computers but it works well.

I too have a backup service, but it's based on several 48TB raid arrays.

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