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i am using phonegap since last one year but not satisfied with the performance, now i m looking for a change and wanna start with Corona or Titanium but don't know which one is better, i don't have any problem with Corona's Lua or Titanium's JS just want a better and scalable working environment, please show me the light to chose a better way.

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In general these kinds of tools just doesn't work optimal. Applications made tend to crash, leak memory and you still have to do a lot of double work for making specific solutions for iOS and Android... not recommended.


Of course they have their use but Facebook abandoned this approach after a lot of issues. There is a lesson to be learned when a huge company like Facebook throws the towel in the ring.

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Corona is mainly for game development and titanium having one module for game development. If you focusing on game development than corona there for you otherwise use titanium.

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is it not possible to develop a twitter or facebook like app with corona? – gauravstomar Nov 9 '11 at 7:48
i have not deal with corona, just i have seen some basic demos and docs of corona. But i can say that you can develop that type of app in titanium. – The Zero Nov 9 '11 at 7:50

Titanium is perfect for facebook/twitter application development. They even have modules for it. The facebook one is for free, the twitter module comes with the premium version.

Facebook module documentation:

It's all build on JavaScript. So if you have any knowledge on it, you get the hang of it quite soon.

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