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Suppose I wan to search the web pages that contain the links I want.

I would normally use the link as the query and search it(Like in Google)

Note here, I just need to pages that contain the link.

But normally, the search engine would return results that are derived from my query.

In some cases, they will split my query into meaningful segments.

Like if I search www.101domain.com/International in Google.

Google will split the link into (101domain,International) which it think is more useful.

But I just need the raw result.


I am doing a web mining project, which finds the relationship between links and I will use such relationship to build up a graph.

Thanks for any suggestion!

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For google try following query: allinlinks: http://www.101domain.com/International you can check more options in http://www.google.cz/advanced_search

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I suggest http://www.mnogosearch.org/. With this software you can easely download content of lot of sites to your database.

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