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As I know Facebook has embraced Open ID but I can't find the url of it.

Eg. For Google it is: https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id

Likewise, what is the open ID url for facebook?

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You can log in to Facebook using OpenID, but Facebook (unlike Google) is not an OpenID provider. You cannot log in to other services with OpenID using your Facebook account.

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Hmmm..so need to use Facebook C# SDK for this. This will increase my work more than anything else :( –  Jaggu Nov 9 '11 at 8:56


Just go to the section called "linked accounts" and set it. If you are already logged in to any of the open id providers you will automatically login to facebook.com

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Right Now Facebook is not OpenID provider. It supports OAuth for authentication. For more information you can see this link http://developers.facebook.com/

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