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i have a serious problem here. i'm trying to use a modal window in my application. till now i used just a window over the parent window. but this caused a problem of not disabling the background.

here is my window:

enter image description here

the problem in the above pic is the background is not being disabled. if i use the modal window it occupies the whole view, which i dont want.

What i'm need of:

enter image description here

i need a view something like this alert view, which wen shown the background goes to disable mode.

any help is highly appreciated..

thank you...

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I don't see the image. Please provide some code –  Rene Pot Nov 9 '11 at 11:57

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Unfortunately You can not use the modal window as dialog box, but you can do a small trick and make your window look like a modal window. Create a view and disable the click event on it. Add your dialog window to this view and show this view on screen.

 var disableView = Titanium.UI.createView({

 disableView.add( yourWindow);
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