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Recently I created and application under eclipse and it worked just fine later on I tried to transfer the codes to Intellij idea 10.5 and what I did is removing the Original and replace it with the class I made under eclipse... Now every time I try to run my app it says that I need to define the Android Activity class and when I select that file it says that the class is not Acceptable.

Since I look at the codes in the original MyActivity class and my own class everything looks similar and I didn't change the structure of an activity class... so what is the problem?

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Did you add this activity in AndroidManifest.xml? Does your class extend Activity?

If the class meets the above requirements, you will be able to specify it in Android Run/Debug configuration.

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I guess the problem was activity in Manifest. since I recreate the whole class problem solved. Thanks a lot. – Ben Nov 9 '11 at 22:46

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