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I have a list of tuples representing coordinates of points. How can I sort them by the first or second value, so that I could order my points from left to right first and from top to bottom next?

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Sounds like you want e.g.

myList |> List.sort_by fst


But tuples support structural equality and comparison, so the default sort (lexicographical) may do what you want.

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sort_by was later renamed to sortBy –  Sergej Andrejev May 22 '09 at 7:24

Side Note:

This isn't about sorting but if your using tupled coordinates you may want to use a Set instead of a List. Using a Set really helped me to simplify my implementation of Tetris.

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 let sorted = List.sort_by (fun (a,b) -> a,b) myList

Change the a,b if you need the other way around

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